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I have fine hair that is low to medium porosity, and is 2b/2c/3a curls. The only damaging part is how much you have to flat iron it to get the treatment to activate.

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However, you can't deny the fact that keratin treatments use high heat on your hair.

Keratin treatment black hair reddit. I wound up using it like 2 months after my last keratin treatment. Trending the pros and cons of keratin treatments nothing ruins a good hair day than the presence of frizz. “it’s actually a relaxer and is permanent because it breaks hair bonds using ammonium.

A keratin treatment is a chemical process on the hair to achieve soft and shiny hair that was otherwise frizzy [ 2 ]. Keratin straightening and keratin deep conditions are wayyyyy different. It claims to do everything a keratin treatment does, but without formaldehyde or harmful chemicals.

The product is exceptional for all hair types, which unfortunately isn’t the case for many other keratin treatment products. Ogx is a company that is one of our favorites. In this video, i’ll be sharing my keratin experience from start to finish.

After about 4 months my hair starts to get a slight wave in it. I probably wouldn't recommend the straightening treatment, but a keratin deep condition shouldn't damage hair. Not leaving your hair stick straight).

This homemade egg yolk mask with honey is an excellent keratin treatment for damaged dull hair. We spoke to hairstylists michelle dixon and kim kimble, about the pros and cons of using this treatment on black hair. I won't know the full effects until after i wash it but since the hair is fusing with keratin, it's supposed to be nourishing.

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My hair took forever to dry, specifically the back of my head. If you visit a salon, you can expect to pay up to a frightening $800 per treatment, but for a tiny fraction of that, you can carry out your own keratin hair treatment at home (via unsplash) japanese hair straightening “this is an alternative to keratin treatment for some because it doesn’t contain formaldehyde, and it will permanently straighten hair,” sabit hantal, hairstylist and founder of sh fifth avenue salon tells mane addicts.

And then there is some formaldehyde in it so it's probably not good for your health. The k18 kept my loosened curl pattern, just strengthened my hair. Keratin products target the hair follicle and inject the area with keratin.

It made my hair feel so disgusting. Women are highly cautious of their physical appearance, and especially how their hair looks. I am a young black man with curly hair and i struggle taking care of my hair.

And from there it just gradually fades until about a year when it is completely gone and my hair is back to its natural curls. I don't think you should worry. Keratin treatments, also known as brazilian keratin treatment (bkt for short) and brazilian straightening treatment, have become one of the most popular straightening processes, particularly for black hair.

Prepping for your first wash after a keratin treatment. I take a shower everyday and use conditioner in my hair every time i shower along with shampoo occasionally. Keratin treatments smooth the shafts of naturally frizzy or.

Preparing for that first hair wash after a keratin treatment is a lot simpler than you think. It would be wet and then just turn oily. I've dyed my hair black plenty of times but within the past few months i used these super heavy dyes meant for dark hair.

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If you have the treatment done at the salon, the results can last up to 6 months. This made consider a keratin treatment. Keratin—the protein that helps strengthen hair to prevent breakage, heat damage, and frizz—is vitally important for maintaining strong and.

If you got it done at the salon, make sure to pick up this guy to use daily in between treatments. After using both of those, i put in mielle pomeade to oil treatment. The treatment is applied, hair blown dry, hair straightened by pressing with a flat iron at 450 degrees (all the while releasing toxic gases).

It was done out of needing my hair just to work with me a tad bit more with tangles and breakage. Keratin treatment on type 4 natural hair. Keratin hair treatments are a revolutionary way to smooth and give a glossy sheen to your hair without resorting to harsh chemicals.

Nobody wants to have dry, unmanageable hair. Essence beauty editor nykia spradley is not about that natural hair life, but she found a. The keratin treatment on my hair slowly fades away.

It wasn’t my goal to change my texture so i can have some waves or spirals. You can always customize a hot oil or normal almond oil to make it easy to apply and more effective. The effects of this treatment can last upto six months.

You don’t want to be heading out with a greasy head hunting for that last sulfate. As my 4c hair grows out, in all honesty, it hasn’t been the easiest to detangle. For my previous keratin treatment i used olaplex at this same time mark and it reverted my hair considerably.

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It is known to straighten out even the tightest of curls. This treatment method is completely natural and has no side effects at all. It takes a lot of effort to eradicate frizz and most women turn to keratin treatment as their source of solace.

If you’ve been thinking about it or just. What black women should know about keratin treatments. A keratin treatment (also known as brazilian blowouts in some salons) is the chemical process of temporarily smoothing frizzy hair.

After being greeted by their lovely front desk.

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