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2 months into recovery now. Though minimal scarring is unavoidable with any hair transplant procedure including fue, it can be kept to a minimum by a skilled doctor such as dr.

Does Fue Hair Transplant Surgery Leave Scars

This truly defeats the whole purpose of doing fue.

Hair transplant scars fue. Doctors, you are doing a disservice to your patient. Both fut and fue will leave scars on donor site. Does a beard or facial hair fue transplant leave scars?

If the donor hair is kept long, neither scar is typically visible. Get support, at no cost. However, fut procedures have a much longer, prominent scar that spans the back of your head.

After seeing fue first hand so many times i can see the appeal of no line scar and easier recovery post op. Another option might be to graft hair follicles into the fut scar using the fue method. Yes, we perform fue into scar tissue at rahal.

Hiding scars in fue hair transplant surgery one of the main benefits of fue hair transplant surgery over fut (strip) hair transplant surgery is that it is easier to conceal your scars. Yet another example of fue scarring. However, follicular unit extraction scarring may scar some people but the good news is that the fue hair transplant scars are almost invisible.

Fue needs to shave a huge area to perform the surgery and no hair to cover the scars. They are usually numerous and cover a large area, but as they are generally separated from surrounding scars, remaining hair coverage usually provides better cover than with other hair transplant methods. The thousands of scars will stay forever and one day when the donor hair becomes thinner or narrower it will show.

The punched holes will show for a few days after surgery. These grafts are then transplanted in the area of the scalp with hair loss as the above method. Scars from fue surgery are characterized by small round ‘dot’ scars.

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In most cases, your hair will cover up most of the scars with an fue transplant. Get support, at no cost. Compare scars of fue and fut.

Ad confused about which hair transplant clinic to choose in turkey? I am not sure where is best to post this but i wanted to share my experience. Fue don’t produce linear scar but create thousand of punch scars.

These can be virtually invisible and our patients have always been amazed at how quickly the dots heal and how unaware they are of their presence. Important to recognize it is a lot easier for doctors to use a punch larger than a.9mm. Ad confused about which hair transplant clinic to choose in turkey?

It is permanent, natural in the sense that it uses your own hair, and completely undetectable as a hair transplant. The scars from an fue hair transplant procedure are the most visible right after the procedure, where after they will form into small scabs. These scabs will shed in a couple of weeks, where after a tiny dot might remain.

The scar is concealed… and the patient is excited that he can wear his hair short again. Fut, we shave only 2 cm wide and. I have had fue 5020 grafts over 2 days.

However my situation, as you will see from the photos, is different as i now had at least 3 donor scars in a norwood 6 donor area. The cons, however, include a longer period of recovery and a higher risk for visible, lateral scars. Get detailed quotes from multiple hair transplant clinics in turkey, all in one contact!

One of my major concerns was how the fue scars would look if the transplant failed and i needed to shave my head right down to nothing with a blade. The other issue i have is scarring and the need to wear the donor hair longer to cover numerous fut scars. Donor site immediately right after surgery.

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As with a scalp fue procedure, a beard or facial hair fue transplant will leave only a series of tiny dot scars in donor areas. During fut strip surgery a strip of scalp is removed from the back of the head and then sutured up. Get detailed quotes from multiple hair transplant clinics in turkey, all in one contact!

Can i have a short haircut after an fue transplant? A follicular unit excision (fue) hair transplant is a minimally invasive procedure, and unlike the strip method, it leaves no linear scar. To transplant same amount of hair, the scar of fue will be 10 time more than fut because fue wounds are leaved open, so they will keep the same size but fut wound are closed and almost of the time it will be reduced to 10% or less.

Follicular unit extraction (fue) follicular unit extraction is a more involved process that involves the removal of individual grafts from the back of the scalp. The scar left after the fut method hair transplant will probably be a long, thin, linear scar that runs from ear to ear behind the scalp. Unlike other hair transplant clinics that may rely on unskilled assistants, our transplants are done exclusively by dr.

The size of an fue scar is directly related to both the size of the fue punch used by the surgeon as well as the healing characteristics of the patient. In the case of fut, the scar width is only 1 to 2 mm, which is only 8 to 16% scar on donor skin, so the donor hair density exhibits very minimal change. These scars are most often covered with smp or tmp, which recreates the follicles using tattooed micropigmentation.

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One of the most significant complications that should be discussed at an initial consultation for fut hair transplant surgery is the possibility of developing a strip scar. Visible scarring is a potential complication of hair transplants. I do agree with digi23.

However, if fue had been used in this case, 1.2 cm of punch scars would have existed among 3cm wide safe zones for the same amount of hair. Fue doesn’t minimize the scars but spreads them to larger areas much over the safe zone. The effectiveness of this solution will be determined, in part, by the thickness of the scar.

There are scars with fue but the scars are, on their own, much less visible with very short haircuts than one continuous linear scar that is naturally expected from a strip hair transplant surgery.

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