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Green block = bricks + grass green blouse = bush + green block green shirt = grass + green block green skirt = poppy + green block grey block = bricks + rock grey hair bun = olde timey radio + grey block grimstone = grass + stone wall growbeats headphones = boombox + note block h hammer pants = purple wallpaper + tangram block (any) Have some hair dye in your inventory (red, blue, green or black.

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Brown hair = dirt + brown block;

Green hair dye growtopia. Yerfdog = wooden background + white block The dye interacts with your natural hair color, so some colors may simply be impossible to achieve. Blonde bombshell = yellow block + grass;

The lighter you bleach your hair the brighter the purple will be when done it will not look muddy then. If you decide to change hair, the colour from the dye will stay on the new hair. Bleached platinum white for perfect preparation to apply hair dye and personalise to you heart's desire.

Wooden window = window + wooden background; Description powered by pour this gunk on your head if you want your hair to be blue. And it is also available for purchase in other shades of green that are best suited for people with dry hair and those with hair lightened to a level 8 or lighter.

Created by leejullie studios~this update is pleasure This hair update is part of the players appreciation week update, day 2.*sorry for the bad editing, m. You need at least six hair dye to dye it a specific colour.

Top hat = black block + mushroom; Not all items may be paintable Jeans = aqua block + rock;

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Collect and combine fabric to sew unique outfits. Pour this gunk on your head if you want your hair to be green! It may require multiple applications to achieve the desired color, or mixing with other dyes.

Become the best chef using the cooking mechanics. Toilet = crappy sign + brown block; Red hair = grass + red block;

Black pants = door + black block; Out of all the shampoos on the market. Adjacent on the 12 part color wheel.

Not all items may be paintable Use one type of dye to make it that specific colour. This video shows you how to dye your hair in growtopia.

A boastful hairstyle that's punching above its weight! My hair is still the same, it just lightened the brown color of my hair xddoesn't the thumbnail look like me flipping a box of green dye? Green skirt = poppy + green block;

Propertiesdata the green hair dye is an item added on player appreciation week 2016. Click the dye on yourself. Stand on a bathtub in order to dye your hair.

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