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The rapper then makes sure the mixture is blended before applying it to her or baby kulture's hair. Pour in a lot of black castor oil;

Cardi B Makes Her Own Hair Mask Using 6 Kitchen Cupboard Ingredients Hair Mask Hair Mask Recipe Natural Hair Mask

The recipe includes avocado, banana, and egg.

Cardi b hair mask recipe how often. Cardi b made her own hair mask using avocado, banana, eggs and more food on monday, june 8, and insisted that it helps her hair stay healthy — details How to make cardi b’s avocado hair mask firstly start with avocado, mash it up and blend it with a spoon of argan oil. Prior to this routine, cardi b has been sounding off often about her hair progress, citing the fact that her strict regimen and haircare is what has lead to her success.

Then take a massive scoop. Add a big xl scoop of mayo; An avocado, argan oil, mayonnaise, black castor oil, olive oil, two eggs, a banana, and honey.

Cardi b took to her instagram stories on monday, june 8, to share her recipe for a homemade hair mask that she swears makes her. “my hair gets like this when you blow dry it, then two days later it looks puff puff like this, even when you braid it,” she added. The rapper shared the diy recipe she uses to keep her and daughter kulture's natural hair shiny and moisturized.

Cardi b's natural hair is flourishing! Cardi b's hair mask main focus is to hydrate your hair and scalp while also bringing out your hair’s natural texture. Blend all the ingredients together then apply to your hair and wrap it up.

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I washed my hair with a moisturizing shampoo (i had used a clay wash on my previous wash day) and applied the hair mask to my hair in. I followed the cardi b recipe for the diy avocado hair mask and added each of the ingredients into my blender. What happened when i tried the cardi b avocado hair mask on my 4c hair.

Next, she puts her hair in rollers and partially dries her hair under a hooded drier before having her hair blown out. She also wears wigs as a protective style for her natural hair. Sharing the recipe with her 68 million followers, cardi b used castor, olive and argan oils to help nourish and deeply moisturise the hair.

Lemme wash it.” but before shampooing and conditioning, she says, “wow, i’m so proud of myself.” Ingredients for the cardi b hair mask. Cardi’s hair is voluminous but doesn’t have a specific curl pattern so she used this mask to tame the volume and give it that extra dose of hydration.

Work in a small amount of honey; Cardi then adds castor and olive oil, before throwing in a second mashed avocado. Back in june, cardi b shared the recipe for one of her favorite diy hair masks, which included ingredients like argan oil, mayonnaise, and, lo and behold, the.

Cardi b is known for rocking different wigs for performances and just for fun. The rapper recently showed off her natural, kinky hair on instagram which she self described as not curly and revealed the diy mask she uses. Cardi explained that her natural hair doesn't get curly, but.

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Combine with a second avocado in the blender (make sure it is blended down well so no avocado meat/chunks gets stuck in the hair) add a banana Back in june, cardi b shared the recipe for one of her favorite diy hair masks, which included ingredients like argan oil, mayonnaise, and banana. She then mixed them with a blend of avocado, honey.

Crack an egg into the mixture; Then i pulverized the mix until it was a thick smoothie consistency.

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