4c Hair Moisturizer Spray

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That’s right, moisturize your hair and body from the inside out by drinking water. It will leave your hair moisturized for days, and it’s super easy to make.

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Water is your friend, spritzing water on your hair regularly;

4c hair moisturizer spray. 1 teaspoon organic raw coconut oil; By ensuring that you just dampen the hair and not make it wet and dripping, you allow the 4c hair to retain moisture and get a bouncy look. 4 drops peppermint essential oil;

Moisture is key when it comes to retaining length, avoiding breakage or shedding, and keeping the hair soft so here are a few diy moisturizing sprays you can try: 3.4 oz spray bottle (or larger) 8 drops of rosemary essential oil; Here are 10 effective ways to keep your hair moisturized:

Because of this, you'll want to look for products that offer moisturizing in a manner that can penetrate. I use the lco method with camila rose hair milk and blueberry bliss twist n shout cream, i also use almond oil. How to prepare your diy spray

I define the characteristics of each hair type by its true texture, he says. It will give your hair more volume and definition while keeping it moisturized for several days. Simply put, it’s the freedom to do wash day your way.

Water is the ultimate moisturizer. Xanthan gum is an excellent moisturizer for dry and curly hair because it’s a thickening agent. For those with 4c hair, hydration can be particularly challenging:

Fill a spray bottle up with cold organic aloe vera juice from your refrigerator, and use it as a daily refresher/moisturizer for your hair. Moisturizing homemade hair spritz recipe. Lock in the moisture using the loc method

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This involves taking a few clean strands of hair and dropping them into a glass of water. 3.4 oz filtered or distilled water; The big question that most 4c queens always have is, how do you keep 4c hair moisturized?

To create your spritz, you’ll need the following: With this allstar lineup of essentials, who needs anything else? Plain aloe vera juice *.

Then after 2 minutes, if your hair floats towards the top of the glass (and doesn’t sink) your hair is most likely low porous. Mix all ingredients together in your spray bottle and use as needed. As another fellow low porosity girl with 4c hair i have to disagree with the one poster who said tgin daily moisturizer it was wayyy to heavy for my hair tho i love tgin's hair mask.

If you want to see some additional methods to moisturize your hair and fast track your growth, keep reading… “this spray is great after day 3. Moisturize, hydrate, and refresh your hair and scalp with natural ingredients like argan oil and rose oil.

Here are a few easy ways to tell if your 4c hair is low porosity, and how to adapt your regimen accordingly: 6 drops peppermint essential oil. This will give your hair the moisture it needs until you reach your next wash day.

What you need for this diy moisturizing spray for 4c hair. Purified water is the best moisturizer for 4c hair, and one of the best things that you can do is consider using a spray bottle to moisturize your hair. Please read important info below!!hey everybody,please enjoy*please note you can use whatever ingredients you like i am just sharing what works.

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Top 7 moisturizers for 4c hair reviews. There's often some overlap with chart systems—like type 4 may be both kinky and coily—so for me, being dyslexic, it makes much more sense to define by texture. type 4c hair can range from fine, thin, and soft to coarse with densely packed strands. To introduce or retain moisture, water must be present in your daily hair routine and diet.

2 drops of tea tree essential oil;

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